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The GEAR Building Kajima Singapore Changi Business Park Facade Frontal.jpg

Productivity Improvement.
Sustainability & Wellness.
Advanced R&D Co-Creation.

With a rich legacy spanning almost two centuries creating buildings that enrich communities and promote sustainability, Kajima upholds its unwavering commitment to excellence in the built environment industry. As a leader in construction innovation and real estate development with a forward-thinking approach, Kajima is leading the way in shaping the future of the way we live and work.

The GEAR: Kajima Lab for Global Engineering, Architecture & Real Estate is Kajima's engine of innovative solutions through co-creation and collaboration with like-minded stakeholders. A leading innovation hub of the built environment in Asia, the building is a physical manifestation of Kajima’s global R&D vision and innovation initiative.


A smart building that transforms spaces and pioneer innovation for the modern workplace.

As Kajima's regional headquarters, occupant wellness and the use of sustainable solutions is prioritised to ensure a healthy and comfortable environment for all its occupants.

The GEAR is a Building and Construction Authority Super Low Energy and an International WELL Building Institute Platinum-certified building.

The GEAR Building Kajima Singapore Changi Business Park Entrance.jpg
The GEAR Building Kajima Singapore Changi Business Park KSHAFT Main.jpg


A focal point to explore, experiment, and co-create cutting-edge technologies not seen before in Singapore to its other projects globally.

The 5 labs and distinct workplace testbed zones will serve to drive technological advancements and push the boundaries to improve the quality of life for individuals and societies as a whole.


The GEAR brings entrepreneurs, government bodies, corporations, universities and ecosystem enablers together to foster an open and collaborative ecosystem.

Through the upcoming Startup Residency Programme, The GEAR will support the best-in-class resident startups to accelerate innovation, solve the industry's biggest challenges, and co-create breakthrough solutions.

The GEAR Building Kajima Singapore Changi Business Park KPARK.jpg
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